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The Brand

QJ SA is a Swiss brand creating a new lifestyle. Hospitality, Well-being and Luxury are the key words that drive QJ SA in its creation and production. Qavjar Vorka is the perfect example of what QJ SA intends to bring to the Premium market.

The Legend 

To find the origins of QAVJAR Vodka, you have to go back to the Caspian Sea, to the time of the Cossacks, Tartars and Persians. The latter fought over the providential riches of this pure sea. Sturgeon, the undisputed king of its waters with its highly prized flesh found its way to the best tables. As for the fisherman, he had to be satisfied with the part that was considered the least noble.... the sturgeon’s caviar!

To accompany their caviar, to share the riches of the land and to celebrate the struggles of life, the fishermen made a pure wheat vodka, although illegal. During the prohibition period it became dangerous to even pronounce the word "vodka". This is why the smugglers had subtly renamed their drink "SAMOGON", "Moonshine" in English, in reference to the clandestine preparation of the sought-after nectar in the only subdued light of the moon..

This is how caviar and vodka became inseparable. Season after season, the distillery's recipes have been refined to sublimate the marriage of their vodka and caviar...

Today it is these recipes that QAVJAR Vodka wishes to bring back to life

 By using ancestral fermentation methods, our oldest distillery dating back to 1908, QAVJAR Vodka takes you back to the cradle of the golden age of this fascinating region with its inspiring population, half poet, half outlaw!

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